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Daitable CSRD
Czech Founders 

Startup Daitable helps make energy consumption more efficient in industrial facilities. He received support from Czech Founders VC

Daitable CSRD
What is CSRD?

Unveil how the CSRD transforms EU businesses towards sustainability and efficiency, emphasizing compliance and strategic energy management

Daitable Daitamonitor
DAITABLE monitoring

Explore the power of DAITAMONITOR and DAITABLE in revolutionizing energy efficiency

Daitable pagers
Download onepagers

Download our new onepager to understand our DAITABLE Solution

Daitable metallurgy
Metallurgy case

Case Study of how company X saved hundred of thousands of Euros with Energy Monitoring

INQB blog
INQb Bratislava 

Read more how DAITABLE started in INQB incubator

Daitable Startup cup blog
Startup Cup 2023  

Read about our journey on Startup Cup 2023 and how we won the 1st place

Daitable JCL Innovation awards
Junior Chamber

Read about our journey on JCL - Young Inovative Entrepreneur 2023 

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