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See where and how much energy your factory consumes


Discover your
"weak energy spots"


Eliminate unnecessary machine failures and shutdowns


Make your decisions data-driven


Warning before energy overconsumption can saves money on fines


Plan ahead by using Artificial Intelligence


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The device we developed is non-invasively connected to the main switchboard, where it reads and processes data about individual machines in real time. Interested?

Always see information about your current consumption by device, and view alerts, trends, predictions and reports directly on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Let's talk about it.

It will help you plan future costs and at the same time alert you to the trend in the risk of exceeding the limit values, be it the 15-minute maximum, reactive current or other quantities that are important to you.

Using algorithms and data from current consumption, the device can evaluate a possible machine failure in the future, which will help you avoid unnecessary shutdowns and expensive repairs.

Where can you use 

DAITABLE system?
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Especially in energy-intensive industries such as steel, automotive, chemical and bakery sectors, where even a small reduction in consumption means thousands of € saved in costs. Let's talk about the potential savings.

Administrators of office buildings or industrial complexes can, with a detailed overview of consumption, e.g. for lighting, identify many opportunities for saving. Let's discuss the possible savings options.

To make full use of photovoltaic panels, it is necessary to have an overview of how much they actually produce for you and what the prediction is for the future.

A modern self-government should have a detailed overview of all expenses in order to be able to optimize them. Consumption, e.g. street lighting is the perfect place to start.

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