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DAITAMONITOR is a complex energy management system combining features of smart metering, consumption guarding, value predictions and predictive diagnostics (or preventive maintenance) using artificial intelligence to predict and analyse the monitored and gathered data. This system is highly beneficial for manufacturing companies with many machines and high energy consumption, but it can be used in office / residential buildings, communities/municipalities, electricity plants and basically at any facility which has a need for a better energy managements, saving costs and being more environmentally friendly.

it is widely agreed that what gets measured gets improved. that is why if your company wants to improve in the area of energy efficiency, start consuming and spending less money for the bills, the first step is to get the right data and the information it contains. Our system does not only give you raw numbers, it also does the job for you - AI algorithms trained for predictions and analytics always warn you when there is a need for you to see the numbers and take necessary measures. That is our uniqueness. 

Today, in times of environmental policies getting stricter worldwide (ESG, CSRD) the companies will need to obligatory report their CO2 footprint and for that the data is needed more than ever before. With DAITAMONITOR you can not only get the data to calculate the obligatory values faster and more accurate, but you can actually track the progress and predict the improvement in the future. Besides the fact of using this data for commercial purposes (many corporations require it from their vendors) you actually help the planet, because the greenest energy is the one that doesn't need to be made in the first place.

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DAITAMETER is the basic module of the whole DAITAMONITOR system and its aim is to monitor all the data from all the machines/sectors that need to be watched. It iworks as a comprehensive system and acts as a data server to collect and process data from energy meters and industrial controllers. Imagine it as a smart box seamlessly communicating through RS-485, Ethernet, or WiFi.

Having only a vague value of consumption for the whole company doesn’t really tell you where the problem could be. If for instance you have 5 machines of the same kind and they are operating in a completely identical workload, they should also consume the same amount of energy. It often happens however, that one of them consumes significantly more than the others. This may be due to a hidden defect in the machine such as a stuck bearing, which causes a higher input of the energy in order to continue running. Knowing these small details can not only save you money for the electricity, but also extends the life expectancy of the machine itself which saves you from more unnecessary costs in the long run.

It happens too often that a company according to its plan turns on their machines so that they can fulfil their scheduled production, but in reality, many of these machines stay un-operated because of various reasons – employees don’t come to work, they lack the input material, or an unexpected disturbance happens. The machines however stay turned on anyway and company is losing money despite they are not producing anything. Other times, employees leave the lights or an air-conditioning on even though nobody is in the hall, and this brings even more unnecessary costs which can be eliminated. These scenarios of human factor pitfalls happen more often than we might imagine and having them monitored and being alarmed when it happens again might save your company lots of costs.

Optimisation of the processes

DAITAPLAN is a module of DAITAMONITOR (extension) which operates with a predictive algorithm of AI in order to forecast consumption and thus allow the user to see the future values in high accuracy. 

Nowadays when many companies switched their long-term energy contracts to buying energies on the spot markets, accurate planning is crucial in order not to overpay the distributor and at the same time securing enough energy. Manual calculating can bring many pitfalls due to the amount of data needed for this kind of forecast. Artificial Intelligence calculates these values in real time and the user doesn't need to spend his precious time and energy on this whereas he is getting a forecast with a >95% accuracy based on values coming directly from his machines and smart meters.

Guarding the limits and saving costs

DAITAGUARD is a another module of DAITAMONITOR (extension) which also operates with a predictive algorithm of AI in order to guard the limit values of consumption and warn the user ahead so that he can act and take measures while it's still not too late.

Exceeding the limits of a maximum reserved capacity can cost thousands of Euros in fines. Even companies with well estimated and contracted capacities exceed them from time to time. Automatic limit guards are not always a solution, because in many factories, the machines just cannot be turned off in the middle of the process just because of the energy limit. In this case, the manager has to decide what machine to shut or slow down in order to prevent the exceeding. For this, he needs real-time data and a prediction of the consumption in the upcoming minutes. Out AI-based predictive model can give the accurate data after 7 minutes of each 15-min interval which is considered in the measured average by the energy provider.

Analyse the data using AI

DAITANALYTICS is the most sophisticated module of our comprehensive DAITAMONITOR system using Artificial Intelligence to detect anomalies and potential threats from its predictions. In case of a possible future breakdown, it sends  alarm and warns the user before it is too late. 

A machine failure is always an unpleasant and costly event. It doesn’t really need to be that frequent and one can easily prevent it with the right data and predictions. Detecting an anomaly in the energy consumption predictions may signalize a potential threat in the “health” of the machine. Knowing something is wrong in advance and acting before it’s too late is crucial in order to keep manufacturing and don’t spend money on repairs, spare parts and fines for not delivering to your clients. AI predictive diagnostics is a standard in just-in-time sectors and is steadily moving towards other industries as well.

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